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Neonatal Outcome Trajectory Estimator
Infants Admitted to the NICU with
GA 22-32 Weeks & Birth Weight 401-1000g

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At Time of Birth or on Day 7
On Day 28 or at 36 Weeks
Birth NDI Outcome
Day 7 NDI Outcome
Day 28 NDI Outcome
36 Week Death Outcome
  • Enter the FiO2 content in percent, e.g., enter 25 as 25 or 33.5% as 33.5.
  • Late onset culture-negative clinical infection and infection with late onset is defined as occurring >72 hours after birth and treated with antibiotics for >=5 days.
  • NDI is defined as a composite of MDI<70 or PDI<70 or moderate to severe CP or blindness or deafness.
Estimates of Death/NDI outcome will not be the additive sum of the Death outcome and the NDI outcome. These estimates were independently arrived at using models with different covariates. NDI was estimated only on infants who survived and were evaluated at the 18-22 month follow-up visit.
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