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Opportunities for Outside Institutions to participate in NRN Studies

In 2019, NICHD adopted a new Strategic Plan 2020 which provided four "Guiding Principles" for the evolution of NICHD-supported clinical trial infrastructure. The supported infrastructure should:

  1. Enhance rigor and reproducibility;
  2. Promote greater availability of infrastructure;
  3. Facilitate data sharing and access to biospecimens; and
  4. Facilitate greater involvement of diverse populations in clinical trials.

In the spirit of items 2 and 4 above, and to ensure that currently ongoing NRN trials can be completed expeditiously within a reasonable timeframe and with inclusion of diverse populations, the NRN invites applications from non-NRN investigators and institutions willing to participate with the Network in specific ongoing protocols. Currently active Requests for Proposal (RFP) are listed below.

RFP Single-Trial Site Application template - Milrinone
RFP Single-Trial Site - Milrinone
RFP FAQs - Milrinone

** RFP research proposal total page limit: 10 pages (excluding attachments)**

RTI intends to issue multiple Fee-for-Service contracts under this RFP, managed by RTI International, on behalf of the NRN. RTI Terms and Conditions for these contracts are presented below. These represent the standard contractual provisions normally found in subcontracts issued by RTI.

Please review the RTI Standard Terms and Conditions here.

Further questions on public release regarding the opportunities listed on this page can be directed to

Announcement: A Milrinone Trial information and Q&A public webinar was held:

Monday, February 22nd
10:30 AM ET / 7:30 AM PT

Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
Webinar Video Recording

The submission period for the NRN Milrinone study is closed.