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Opportunities for Outside Institutions to participate in NRN Studies

In 2019, NICHD adopted a new Strategic Plan 2020 which provided four "Guiding Principles" for the evolution of NICHD-supported clinical trial infrastructure. The supported infrastructure should:

  1. Enhance rigor and reproducibility;
  2. Promote greater availability of infrastructure;
  3. Facilitate data sharing and access to biospecimens; and
  4. Facilitate greater involvement of diverse populations in clinical trials.

In the spirit of items 2 and 4 above, and to ensure that currently ongoing NRN trials can be completed expeditiously within a reasonable timeframe and with inclusion of diverse populations, the NRN invites applications from non-NRN investigators and institutions willing to participate with the Network in specific ongoing protocols. Currently active Requests for Proposal (RFP) are listed below.

RFP Single-Trial Site Application template - Milrinone
RFP Single-Trial Site - Milrinone
RFP FAQs - Milrinone

** RFP research proposal total page limit: 10 pages (excluding attachments)**

Future opportunities will be posted here.

The submission period for the NRN Milrinone study is closed.